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Not every story about sea life mistakenly caught in a net ends this beautifully, so it’s important to recognize when one does.

So watch the full video here and learn this turtles story.



Young Scientists Say They’re Sexually Abused In The Field (NPR)

In a survey of scientists engaged in field research, the majority — 64 percent — said they had personally experienced sexual harassment while at a field site, and 22 percent reported being the victim of sexual assault.

Most of the people reporting harassment or assault were women, and the vast majority were still students or postdocs.

And for female victims, the perpetrator was more likely to be a superior, not a peer. “This is happening to them when they are trainees, when they are most vulnerable within the academic hierarchy,” says evolutionary biologist Katie Hinde , an author on the study in PLOS ONE. Hinde and her colleagues say this could be a factor in the large number of women who enter scientific fields but don’t continue.

Students work at an archaeological dig near Silchester, England.

In/outside and on/off the field, this is utterly disturbing and unacceptable.

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i love grandmas so much

from Teta, Alf Marra directed by Mahmoud Kaabour


waiting for contaminatedbreastcheese to be on one of those nigerian church shows like 

"ever since I logged on to tumblr dot com I have not known peace"


JORGE (Gitoo) for BLACKNESS . Brooklyn, NY (Kale Kastle) . 2013 

*do not remove credit/his name/the location. It’s important. *

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lmaoo that tag had me ctfu because I have nigerian friends tell me random stories about like a woman turning into an owl and they'll say it so nonchalantly as if that's just normal

Oh my goddddddd. Naija churches are so wild. People turning into owls, virgin/animal births, roofs collapsing on people and the pastor calling it a movement of the Holy Spirit. Then everyone wanna have they own lil seizure.

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Make sure you ALWAYS greet african parents w/asapLKG , PEGO WILL

I’m fuckin howling


People who say “happy eid mubarak”… What kinda chai tea teas??